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She truely loves pain. But eventually gives in to the doctor's office for her first porn shoot ever. The time would move by faster, but Mikaela makes sure she experiences every agonizing moment, allowing her only a few orgasms from their slave. Another strap tied to the stalls and takes a reaming - reloading and cumming over and over.

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"Now to the fun part, the electric stim in Ashley's pussy is sound activated! The other half is taped to Ally's chest and now it's time to make Ally scream. The big problem here is Ally can't stop cumming. Every orgasm is more intense and louder, she can't keep quiet and Ashley is getting shocked to hell."

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"Some brutal arm holds. Gisselle is the epitome of the girl next store. I took good advantage of that fact repeatedly. Gisselle gets off no easier. She has Dommed over the years."