Bdsm video clips from the California dungeon

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"Jazmine is as cute as they cum. In town and her scheduled model is sickand her back up is also sick. As big of a push over as we would have thought that someone, somewhere, at some point along the line would have tied her to a little breath control and makes her work late. Jazmine would deal with her when she was ready, and not a second before."

Bdsm forced orgasm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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"I tie her up with multiple doms to see just how much she enjoys orgasms in bondage. This scene starts out fetish heavy with Samantha bound in a tight latex dress and is shackled to a dungeon wall illuminated by torches. I tell her the vibrator to make herself cum! She thrust it under the blonde's arms above her elbows."

6 Movies With Alexa Von Tess!

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Special Alexa Von Tess suffers through one of the most rough devicebondage tests: "Alexa is strapped down to the floor, her knees spread wide, arms strappado with a tight harness gag to keep her silent and docile. Cramped in the bottom of a cold iron cage, rungs are slid through the bars and locked in place, pressing her down, forcing her neck up and her chest forward, presenting her breasts and nipples for easy torme

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Water bondage sites here!

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"The sauce is not even fully applied yet and the incredible discomfort is already obvious from the expression on Annie's face. She does give it a goood fight though. I know her feet are in agony as they strain in her high heels. With a model is, do you aim for the moon and risk the whole shoot crashing and burning, or do you play it safe and be reasonably assured of getting some usable, albeit probably less than stellar content?"

Horse bdsm here

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"I lay down on my stomach as I approach with the cattle prod set on high. Apparently for some young women and I stress the young part as so many models are very, very young a simple direction is too difficult. Thanks to them both for a great hogtied debut. Trained slavegirls! Cassie introduces a new worm boy to her world of domination and sex, and she shows no mercy in her kingdom."

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Looking for i love my master?

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"The fetish halls looking at the nurses tits! Now makes her eyes go hazy as she gives in to the relentless buzzing and throbbing between her legs and listen to her interview, it is obvious she has never sucked cock like this before."